Samsung NaviBot S robotic vacuum cleaner isn't afraid of a little dirty work

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samsung-navibot-s.jpgThere are some household tasks that require a little creativity; cooking a top-notch dinner for instance, or decorating a room. Others seem solely meant to inspire tedium. Doing the vacuum cleaning would be one such task.

So let a servile robot do it! The Samsung NaviBot S is the latest unquestioning automaton designed to obey Asimov’s fourth law of robotics; “Clean Thy Owner’s Abode Spotlessly”.

OK, so we may have made that fourth law up, but that’s just what the NaviBot S does. It uses a “Visionary Mapping System” to learn the layout of your home so as to better clean it, employing 12 obstacle sensors and a digital camera aimed at the ceiling to better understand its surroundings. Circular in shape and with only an 80mm clearance off the ground, it should be able to get underneath some furnishings too.

Once it’s cleaned up after your mess, the NaviBot S returns to a charging station and offloads its dust and waste, either recharging itself or knowing to return back to where it left off if it had unfinished cleaning to attend to.

An Auto Dust Sensor lets the NaviBot S automatically find dirty spots in a room too, but you can take direct control with an Infrared remote control if need be.

Available now, you can pick up the NaviBot S for £550.

Gerald Lynch
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