Nokia Windows 8 Lumia tablet "a real opportunity", says CEO Elop

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700-1-1-stephen_elop.jpgNokia look set to deliver a Windows 8 tablet in the near future, according to a strong hint from CEO Stephen Elop today.

Fielding questions from journalists following the grand unveiling of the company’s new Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphone, Elop gave this teasing answer to a reporter on the scene inquiring about Nokia slate devices:

“We have not announced any plans to introduce any products [in the tablet market]. But what is quite clear is that the digital experience that people expect today is one that spans many products. With Nokia’s strength in mobility this is an area that we are evaluating very closely. It’s a real opportunity.”

Expertly deflected by Elop, but read between the lines and it’s not a big jump to make from “evaluating” to “working on prototypes”. Nokia have shown keen interest in the tablet form factor in the past, but their Meego tablet sadly amounted to little more than vapourware.

But with the Windows Phone 8 partnership in full swing, a Windows 8 tablet is surely the next step towards Elop’s goals for an ecosystem that “spans many products”.

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Gerald Lynch
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