Is this a Nokia MeeGo tablet?

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Leaked images of what appears to be a Nokia tablet running MeeGo have appeared online, sparking rumours that Nokia are readying a slate for mass consumption.

Little is known about the device, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be the assumed-canned Z500 tablet Nokia had planned. An “Airplane” icon however does suggest a few connectivity options, likely WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G/UMTS given Nokia’s mobile heritage.

Nokia’s failing Symbian fortunes all point towards the new MeeGo platform as their saviour (providing it’s any good of course), and with every electronics manufacturer and their dog making tablets these days, you’d think it’d be a safe bet that if Nokia were to put out a tablet, it would be MeeGo-based.

We’ll take the images with a pinch of salt for now (there are rumours that this is a MeeGo software development slate, not intended for the eyes of Mr Joe Bloggs), but we’ll keep you posted with any new news.

Via: My Nokia Blog

Gerald Lynch
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