Finally! 4G "EE" service from Everything Everywhere revealed, uses Orange and T-Mobile networks

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Everything Everywhere.JPGEverything Everywhere have revealed details of the UK’s first consumer 4G service, called EE.

With Everything Everywhere now changing their name to EE, the EE 4G service will use network infrastructure from Everything Everywhere’s two formative parties, Orange and T-Mobile, to deliver the super-fast mobile speeds. Using the 1800MHz spectrum, EE will also begin offering a fixed-line fiber optic broadband service, with a 4G Wi-Fi dongle likely soon to follow.

Orange and T-Mobile will continue to work as individual networks too, with Orange aiming to appeal to premium customers, and T-Mobile appealing to those looking for value-for-money contracts.

“London will be the first major European city to be covered by 4G,” said EE CEO Olaf Swantee.

“We plan to have 4G services available to 20 million in the UK. The EE network will cover 70 per cent by 2013, 90 per cent of UK by 2014.”

It’s been a long old wait for 4G networking in the UK, but the wheels finally got in motion after Everything Everywhere gained approval to move on with their 4G plans from regulator Ofcom in the last few weeks.

EE are yet to announce which tablets or handsets will be compatible with their 4G service, nor any pricing details, but we expect to get these details soon. With the iPhone 5 widely expected to be 4G enabled, you’d expect a data plan for Apple’s new smartphone to be among the first announced for the EE service. Devices from Nokia, Samsung and Huawei are also expected to feature in EE’s 4G plans.

EE are planning a full consumer launch for the 4G service before Christmas, covering 16 cities including London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol.

More on the EE 4G service as details trickle in, so keep checking back to Tech Digest for more info.

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