Driving a car through an Apple Store window is NOT the best way to get an iPhone 5

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How badly do you want a new iPhone 5? Enough to risk your liberty by smashing a car through the front window of an Apple retail store?

That’s what this incredible footage shows, as thieves laid waste to the Temecula Apple Store, grabbing valuable iPhones and iPads that are scattered across the shop floor in the ensuing chaos.

Having said all that, this footage pre-dates Wednesday’s iPhone 5 announcement by about a week, meaning the thieves are probably grabbing iPhone 4S handsets.

If only they’d waited a few days, they could have been arrested for stealing iPhone 5s instead! The smartphone smash-and-grabbers managed to get their licence plate stuck in the store’s security grating on the way out (FAIL), and were swiftly caught by the cops.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Gerald Lynch
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