Apple reveal EarPod earphones for iPhone 5 and 2012 iPod Touch, Nano models

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apple-earpods.pngAs well as revealing an all new iPhone 5 smartphone, iPod Touch and iPod Nano models, Apple tonight have also introduced newly-designed EarPod earphones.

Noting that loads of people stick with the boxed-in earphones that come with their iDevices, and that their standard has been low over the years, Apple have gone back to the drawing board for the EarPods.

Designed with the ear in mind first, rather than the speakers, they’re the most comfortable fit ever according to Apple, directing sound directly to the ear canal.

Each bud now also features two small speakers, rather than a single larger one, which should deliver improved audio. A small remote with microphone is also included.

So confident in their new EarPods are Apple, that they’re looking to sell them individually, as well as packaged in with iPods and iPhones. Shipping today, they’ll set you back $29 (or18 directly-converted English pounds).

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