Vimeo add Dropbox integration: upload videos direct from cloud storage spaces

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Vimeo have added a new cloud-storage option for their video hosting site, allowing users to upload clips directly from their Dropbox folder.

Users connect their Vimeo accounts to Dropbox through the Vimeo video upload page or through account settings, working in much the same way as attaching social networking profiles such as Twitter or Facebook already does with the YouTube rival.

A Vimeo folder will then be added within the main Dropbox folder, with the options given to upload all clips stored inside the folder either automatically or manually.

“Integration within Dropbox is something our community wanted for a while,” said Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor.

“This is another tool for them to upload and share their videos with friends and family, or the rest of the world.”

Rounding off the update is also the ability to pause an upload, should you need to conserve bandwidth or push a particularly large file to the web.

Gerald Lynch
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