Resident Evil 6 'Agent Hunt' mode to leave you hunting for a hiding spot

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reident evil6.jpgCapcom have today announced that Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360 and PS3 is to include ‘Agent Hunt’ mode.

The ‘Agent Hunt’ mode will allow players to finally become their favourite monstrosities of the series so far and almost definitely Capcom will have a few surprises in store for new monster models apart from just being a humble zombie!

Similar to what Demon Souls and Dark Souls have already implemented this multiplayer element will allow Resi players to break into another gamer’s single player campaign mode and reek havoc as their chosen creature. Unlike Dark Souls and Demon Souls those playing on the single player campaign mode will not be privy to which beasts are controlled via the games AI or by another gamer taking pleasure in your pain. Gamers playing as the undead and co will be able to strategically plan their attacks via voice commands.

However the catch is that this game game will only become available once the player has completed the campaign mode.

Resident Evil 6 which is due to drop in early October sees you resume the story line from fifteen years after the events which occurred in Racoon City in the first two games, with the story finding itself travelling all the way from the fictional Racoon City in America to China.

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