10 Great Image and Photo Editing Apps for Mac OS X

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macbook-pro-retina-top.jpgApple Mac computers (be they iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air) have been the go-to machines for creatives for many a year now, with an intuitive interface conducive to getting imaginative work done quickly and effectively. When it comes to image and photo editing jobs, that’s mostly down to the superb apps available on Mac OS X. From lightweight editing apps like Simply HDR to the titans of the industry like Photoshop and Aperture, here we pick our ten favourite image and photo editing apps for Mac.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • Photoshop is OK if you can afford to cough up $20 a month for the rest of your life.

    But there are other high-end imaging apps that do what Photoshop does for a small fraction of the cost.

    The best Photoshop alternative is Photoline. Photoline is the best-kept Mac secret ever; a true professional graphics app that does it all, from advanced photo editing to SVG drawing, multi-page layout & pro-level CYMK. Other apps may claim to replace Photoshop, but Photoline really does.

    GIMP is another pro-level imaging app, and since it is ‘open-source’ software, it’s absolutely FREE. GIMP does practically everything Photoshop does and then some, with literally hundreds of filters & effects & thousands of free plug-ins available online. It is totally customizable and is used by many professional photographers, publishers, as well as millions of amateurs worldwide.

    Affinity Photo is also a great image editor, but can’t compare with the power of Photoline or GIMP.

    High-end graphics apps like Photoshop, Photoline & GIMP do similar things, but Photoline is the best mix of simplicity, affordability & professional muscle I’ve seen. It vastly outperforms most graphics apps like Pixelmator, yet is easier to use. It runs flawlessly on OS X, costs about the same to buy as RENTING Photoshop for a few months & has a full-function 30-day free trial so you can’t lose.

    Photoline’s functional interface has many advanced tools, filters & FX, fully customizable brushes & KB shortcuts, layer & mask modes, 32 & 64-bit modes to use Photoshop plugins, a kickass SVG drawing mode with distortion, perspective & image tracing; multi-page layout with full type settings, professional CYMK settings, dozens of import/export formats & lots more. It can even host & run other apps to use their functions. And it does it all in a lean 63 MB (compare to Adobe bloatware!).

    Photoline’s power, speed & versatility are so good, I don’t miss Photoshop at all. The learning curve is about the same as Photoshop’s & tech support, tutorials & more are all free online.

    I use Photoline with GIMP to access hundreds free GIMP filters and FX. AffinityPhoto & AffinityDesigner also work well with Photoline. Together these apps do WA-A-AY more than Photoshop for a fraction of the cost.

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