Mountain Lion code suggests new iMac and Mac Pro for 2013

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mac-pro-2012.jpgSorely missing from Apple’s WWDC 2012 line-up was any news on new iMac or Mac Pro computer models. With all the focus put on their impressive Retina Display MacBook Pro, Apple’s desktop machines were given the cold shoulder. However, freshly uncovered code in Mac OS X Mountain Lion suggests that Apple’s office stalwarts are due a refresh very soon.

Dig deep into Apple’s dual-booting Boot Camp software, and the associated code throws up mention of a MP60 and IM130. Could these be forthcoming Mac Pro towers and iMac machines?

The placement of the code referring to the potential new computers also suggests drastic changes to the new models. They sit in a section of Boot Camp that relates to booting the Windows OS from a USB drive, functionality that was added when the MacBook Air (and later the new slim-line MacBook Pro) dropped it’s optical disc loader. Could the same cut be coming to the iMac and Mac Pro? It’s forward thinking, but with space hardly at a premium on the desktop machines, perhaps it’s an unneccesary change.

What’s more likely, at least for the iMac, is the inclusion of a Retina Display to match the new MacBook Pro and iPad. Indeed, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has teased such development. When responding to an Apple fanboys email inquiry into the future of the Cupertino company’s desktop machines back in June, Cook responded by saying Apple was “working on something really great for later next year”. We may have to wait until 2013 for new Mac Pro and iMac computers.

With Apple also soon expected to launch an Apple TV, a unified display resolution would make it easier for developers to port their apps from one device to another, be that PC, mobile or in the home entertainment sphere.

Via: Apple Insider

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