IFA 2012: Sony update Personal 3D Viewer headset with HMZ-T2 model

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sony-launches-hmz-t2-personal-3d-viewer.jpgSony’s HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer headset was one of the maddest home cinema devices we’ve had the pleasure of trying in recent years. Sure, it wasn’t all that comfortable (so heavy you had to lean back to use it for extended periods of time) and it was as expensive as a whole TV despite only one person being able to use it at a time, but it looked as though it came from a future, Tron-inspired world, and offered a pretty darn good 3D viewing experience. Sony have now used IFA 2012 to reveal its successor, the HMZ-T2.

Aimed mainly at gamers (though working equally well with 3D movies), the HMZ-T2 uses stereo OLED panels (one for each eye) to deliver its 3D visuals, eliminating the crosstalk issues other 3D sets suffer from. There’s also virtual surround sound onboard for a personal cinema experience.

This time around everything should feel far more comfortable though, being significantly lighter at 330g and with more fitting options to let the device fit more snugly around your head and over your eyes. You can now also hook up your own headphones, either wired or wireless, to the headset, given a tailored audio experience, as well as those that come with the device.

“Everything about the HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer is designed for comfort and total immersion,” says Naoto Yoshioka, Home Audio Video senior product manager at Sony Europe.

“Once you’re watching a film or playing a game, you’re totally absorbed in the thrilling action and forget you’re even wearing the headset.”

No pricing or release date revealed yet, but we wouldn’t expect this to land much cheaper than the £500 price tag of the original model.

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Gerald Lynch
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