Google take on Siri with Voice Search app for iPhone and iPad

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Google are preparing to bring their Voice Search app to iPhones and iPads, taking on Apple’s own Siri voice assistant on its own turf.

The app will allow users to speak the information they are searching for, before having relevant results returned to them. The video above shows users searching for weather updates, local cinema listings, local amenities and services, and even trivia on everything from wildlife to geography.

Google’s Voice App also features audio responses, with key details of each search result read out by an automated voice to the user, which will be useful for those who suffer from poor eye sight.

Google are also looking into adding personal Gmail messages into the search results, meaning you’ll be able to mine for personal information with the app too.

Already available on Android devices, it’ll be a real coup for Google if they can manage to get their voice search app working on iPads before Apple get Siri working for their own slates.

Gerald Lynch
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