Brimful of Amazon: Online retailer trialling deliveries to cornershops and newsagents

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amazon-thumb.jpgIf you’re anything like me, you dread returning home from work and seeing a “Sorry We Missed You” note popped through the letterbox from the Royal Mail. There’s nothing worse than knowing your long-awaited 13-movie The Land Before Time boxset is languishing in Post Office hell just because you couldn’t get home in time to accept it.

Amazon UK feel your pain. They’re trialling a new service that will allow you to pick up cheaper, oversized deliveries from a local newsagent or cornershop.

So far the trial is only limited to items of clothing and books, but the plan is to expand the service to include more valuable items over time.

5,000 shops up and down the country are taking part in the trial, with that number too expected to expand should it prove a success.

The move follows a similar trial in the US by Amazon, which allows customers to pick up items from lock-boxes in shopping malls.

Via: The Telegraph

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