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                                </p><div style="display:none"><img src="" style="width:0px;height:0px" border="0" /></div><p>We all remember our most inspirational teachers, and clearly Tim Groves is one of them. In&nbsp; a career spanning 36 years the Norfolk Primary School teacher has seen some huge changes in the way children are taught, and he loves exploring the educational opportunities that technology brings.

Among the new ways of inspiring his pupils in the classroom, Mr Groves uses the internet to help them engage with the world and collaborate with their class mates. Mr Groves has, for example, recently used the excitement surrounding the Olympics to inspire collaboration among his pupils.

With BT Compute every pupil and teacher has a single sign that allows them to safely and securely access their school desktop from any device, at any time, from anywhere. With such a simple system, schools benefit from fantastic learning facilities, and the council can cut costs and boost efficiency, helping to focus resources where they are needed most.

You can see how Tim uses the technology in the YouTube video below:

Viral video by ebuzzing

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