New Angry Birds game to be released before Christmas and from pigs perspective

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Angry Birds.jpgAngry Birds, the most popular app downloaded from Apple’s App Store, reaching a total of 1 billion downloads by May of this year, will be getting a new sequel before Christmas. However this time it is from the pig’s perspective.

As you may or may not know, the pigs in Angry Birds were originally sought out to be the enemy due to the swine flu epidemic back in 2009, and the objective of the addictive, time-passing game is to destroy the pig (who have stolen the bird’s eggs) by throwing exploding birds at them using a catapult.

With the previous success of Angry Birds we doubt it will be a failure. No pictures have been released of the app in action yet, however many avid Angry Birds fans are expecting the game  reverse the usual rles, with the pigs throwing pigs at the incoming birds who are attempting to steal the eggs back.

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, released their newest game Angry Birds Space back in March and sold millions in the opening weekend. Being at number 1 in 116 countries on App Store leaderboards isn’t surprising and expectations for the new Angry Birds game are pretty high.

The new game could be influenced from another app on the app store, “Misunderstood Pigs”.

Dylan Burns
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