HTC to release a new android tablet soon in the UK.

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HTC-Flyer.jpgHTC have confirmed that they are working on a new android tablet and it will be heading towards the UK soon.

If you’re a HTC fan, you may know that HTC haven’t released a tablet since last May, which means they’ve either forgotten about tablets or they’ve been working exceptionally hard on a new one. We hope it’s the latter.

But how much will it cost? The Flyer (HTC’s most recent tablet) entered the market at £600, which was enough to discourage a lot of buyers.

Hopefully HTC have learned that not all their customers earn 6-figure salaries, and have said the new tablet has a “unique selling point”.

If they keep the nice features of the Flyer, such as the digital pen and the higher-than-average resolution screen, and make the “unique selling point” a cheap price, we can expect a success.

Many suggest that it will run on Android 4.1, the recent operating system which has become popular among developers and consumers alike.

HTC are yet to say when we can expect the new tablet, but the Christmas period is looking the most probable time.

Dylan Burns
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