5-inch Amazon phone said to be in testing

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amazon-phone.jpg“Amazon Phone” rumours hit our inboxes every once in a while, and have been landing with increased regularity following the success of the Kindle Fire tablet. However, there’s been a definite spike in stories relating to a potential Kindle Phone over the past couple of weeks, and now the Wall Street Journal are reporting the device may even be on the verge of entering production.

They’re citing everyone’s favourite “unnamed sources” as having access to a device with a large screen measuring somewhere between 4 and 5 inches diagonally. The same sources have suggested that the phone could hit manufacturing plants before the year is out, with an aim to have the phone up for sale on Amazon’s online store by the beginning of next year.

There’s no word on the operating system used, but with the Kindle Fire running a re-skinned build of Android, one would assume that the same method would be employed with any potential Amazon phone.

With the Kindle Fire 2 expected to be sitting just over the horizon, expect to hear many more Amazon hardware rumours in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping that any future Amazon hardware makes it over to UK shores in a timely fashion this time, what with the Kindle Fire now looking less and less likely ever to be released on Blighty’s soil.

Gerald Lynch
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