HTC Facebook OS phone lining up 2013 launch


HTC-Salsa-and-ChaCha.pngNew whispers of a HTC/Facebook mobile hardware partnership have been stirred up by Bloomberg.

They’re reporting that the two firms are gearing up to launch a handset by 2013 that will run off a custom Facebook-focussed operating system.

Facebook are said to have gained the services of developers previously of Apple and Palm, pulling together a “modified operating system” which, considering HTC’s successes with Android, we presume would be a reworked version of Google’s OS.

It’s not the first time HTC have partnered with Facebook. They’ve had limited success with the Salsa and Cha-Cha handsets (pictured above) last year, and the Status too. But these were just handsets equipped with Facebook widgets and shortcut buttons. A full blown custom UI would be a very different beast altogether.

Would you buy a Facebook phone? Or does the thought of being constantly connected to the world’s largest social network strike fear into your heart? Let us know!

Gerald Lynch