Apple must publicly admit iPad patent case defeat against Samsung, rules judge

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Apple have been ordered by a UK judge to publish notices on its website and in a number of leading publications stating that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab does not copy the design of the iPad.

After months of duking it out in the courts, Samsung were awarded a back-handed victory in the courts, with the judge stating their device wasn’t “cool” enough to be mistaken for Apple’s. Apple will now have to post a notice on their website for six months stating that they were wrong to claim Samsung had copied their ideas, and do the same with a number of public notices in newspapers and magazines.

Apple obviously find the ruling harsh, stating that it’s almost the same as promoting a rival through their own promotional channels.

“No company likes to refer to a rival on its website,” said Richard Hacon, one of Apple’s legal team.

However, in what seems to be a slight legal loop-hole, once Apple have published the notices, they are free to once again publicly claim the Galaxy tablets infringe on iPad designs, following a previous failed injunction in the US that saw Samsung attempt to prevent them from doing so. Judge Briss, who sided with Apple in the case, stated that the Cupertino company were “entitled to their opinion.”

Via: Bloomberg

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