Amazon Kindle Fire 2: Thinner, lighter, brighter, stronger?

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amazon-kindle-fire-tablet.jpgAmazon’s Kindle Fire may have shunned an appearance on UK shores, but with all eyes no turning to its rumoured successor the Kindle Fire 2, that may not be such a bad thing. If the sequel makes it to British shores, we may be treated to a far slimmer tablet, with a much improved display.

Due out in Q3 of 2012 according to an AllThingsD report,, the tablet will sport an improved screen resolution of 1280 x 800 (up from 1024 x 600) in a brighter panel. The new resolution also suggests that the tablet will sport a widescreen aspect ratio.

The new screen will be squeezed into a considerably thinner, lighter chassis that will also house a camera.

The Kindle Fire 2 is also expected to follow the previous model’s aggressively low pricing structure, with content delivery subsidising the cheaper device.

Amazon certainly need to up their game with the next iteration of their Fire tablet. Though their first slate proved to be one of the most successful Android tablets to date, their second attempt will face stiff competition from the Google Nexus 7, and there’s also still the possibility of a mini iPad rearing its head too.

Gerald Lynch
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