Retina MacBook Pro battery replacement is an expensive $199

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macbook-pro-retina-top.jpgWhen it comes to Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display, it’s not just the laptop itself that’s expensive, it’s replacement parts too.

Following an iFixit report that showed there were no user-serviceable parts in the MacBook Pro Retina model, it was showed that you’ll have to send any damaged or faulty equipment back to Apple’s testing labs for repairs. So how much will they set you back?

Apple have been cagey on the cost of repairs for the new MacBook Pro, but have revealed how much a replacement battery will set you back: a giant $199. And that’s before taxes are added to boot.

Compare that to the $129 replacement for an earlier MacBook Pro battery, and it’s a steep jump. Granted, the new battery array in the Retina Mac is quite impressive (so as to power the hungry screen), but that’s still a fair old premium for a repair that can’t be done manually.

In Apple’s defence, the new MacBook Pro batteries are looking pretty sturdy. You should get 1,000 charges out of them before any sign of deterioration kicks in, which should add up to about two years and nine months of average, daily use.

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