POLL: Will the revamped Foursquare app be a success?

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Yesterday Foursquare launched a brand new version of its location-based application, with a focus on discovering new places and finding recommendations from friends instead of solely check-ins and deals. So will this change of direction be what the service needs to get people interested in location again?

We’ve been hearing rumours for some time now that Foursquare has been set to overhaul its app in favour of something a little different, and this week it’s arrived.

Foursquare’s landing page explains that there are four main elements to the new application, sharing what you get up to with your contacts, discovering interesting things to do around you and searching for anything that you may want to find nearby.

So instead of just loading up the app and checking-in when you’re at a venue, you can use it to find places around you to visit an most importantly see what people you know think of them. Of course checking-in is still an important part of the process, but it all just feels a little more complete now and less like a pointless race to become Mayor of some rubbish coffee shop.

We’re not sure whether other services like Yelp already have recommendations nailed, but the appeal of Foursquare is you can see what your friends think and still keep checking-in and playing the game if you really want to, especially with further Facebook Timeline integration.

If you don’t already have it lurking in your phone somewhere, you can download Foursquare from iTunes or Google Play for free.

Becca Caddy
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