Microsoft do not plan to make own-branded Windows Phone 8 smartphone

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samsung-omnia-w-windows-phone.jpgMicrosoft have looked to quash rumours that they are to begin manufacturing their own Windows Phone 8 smartphones, following the unveiling of their own-branded Surface tablet.

The company’s senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, Greg Sullivan, told Information Week Microsoft did not want to bring its Surface business model to the phone market. “No, we do not,” was his blunt reply to the publication’s probing.

We have a strong ecosystem of partners that we are very satisfied with,” he added, pointing to the likes of Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

With Microsoft setting the hardware precedent for Windows 8 with their Surface tablet, it’s hard to believe they’ll stay out of the mobile market for long however. For whether or not that’s a good thing, read the related story below.

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