Heated Toastie Knife will cut through butter like…er…butter

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From a cooling mice with a built-in fan, to a butter knife with a built-in heater. Friday just can’t get any better, can it?

Thought up by the bakers over at Warburtons, it’s designed to make applying the perfect spread of butter that little bit easier. We’ve all had the problem at some point; taking the bar of butter out of the fridge, rushing in to dig out a chunk to spread on our breakfast toast only to find it so hard still that you tear through the bread like a ravenous Edward Scissorhands.

The Toastie Knife finds a solution to that age old problem. Powered by two AA batteries, it warms up to 41.8C (the perfect butter-melting temperature) in just 30 seconds, letting you slice through the delicious lump with ease.

It’s enough to make spreadable firms like Flora quake in their boots.

Just a prototype at the moment, send Warburtons a quick note here if you’d like to see them start manufacturing the Toastie Knife.

Gerald Lynch
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