E3 2012: New Tomb Raider trailer and release date revealed


We’ve waited since December 2010 to see the return of gaming heroine Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider series reboot. And after the disappointing announcement of a launch delay, we’ve finally got a solid release date for the game. The Tomb Raider reboot will land on March 5th 2013, and with the news comes a brand new gameplay trailer for the game. Hit the video above to view it.

We were promised a more gritty take on gaming’s most familiar heroine, and developers Crystal Dynamics look set to deliver that from what we can see in the trailer above. Part Uncharted, part Tom Hanks in Castaway, a shipwrecked Lara must face the elements and criminal gangs in a quest for survival.

The Uncharted comparison seems most pertinent. Plenty of big-budget set pieces are on show here, with Lara swinging, falling, diving and brawling her way through lush jungle. We’d call out “rip-off” if it were not for the fact that the Tomb Raider series must sit themselves as the chief inspiration for Naughty Dog’s own adventure games starring Nathan Drake.

We’re most excited about the survival aspects of the game, a theme rarely touched upon in games nowadays. A scene where Lara hesitatingly has to hunt a deer in order not to starve was a great glimpse at a less experience tomb raider.

We’ve got a fair wait ahead of us before Lara hits our consoles again, but at least this trailer shows the game is well on track to be a stormer.

We’ll have more news from the E3 gaming convention in the coming days, so stick with Tech Digest for all the biggest announcements from the show.

Gerald Lynch
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