anyone? New top-level domain bids could make you laugh out loud

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lol.pngGoogle have announced that they are bidding to run a new set of top level domain addresses, including “.google”, “.youtube” , “.docs” and even “.lol”. Are Google about to lead a Lolcatz renaissance, or are these new domains too specific/and/or ridiculous for many to be able to use?

In total, Google made over 50 applications to web officials over at ICANN, keeping their bids a tightly guarded secret until Thursday’s deadline passed. Each application cost $185,000 to be considered, with ICANN revealing it had received more than 1,900. The organisation will also receive a $25,000 annual fee for each new suffix once they are up and running from the start of next year.

While addresses like potentially make sense, and could further Google’s product branding online, some like “.lol” made us just laugh out loud. But Google’s Vint Cerf was quick to defend Google’s applications:

“By opening up more choices for Internet domain names, we hope people will find options for more diverse – and perhaps shorter – signposts in cyberspace,” he wrote on the Google blog.

The full list of almost 2,000 applications will be published on June 13th, with the majority expected to be taking up by top-level domains based on established brand names.

Gerald Lynch
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