Sony and Panasonic to team up for OLED business

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sony-panasonic.pngSony and Panasonic are rumoured to be joining forces for a new OLED TV venture, looking to share resources in order to cut consumer costs for the must-have latest technology in home entertainment.

Nikkei reports that the two tech giants will aim to pool together their teams in order to mass produce the new sets, looking to undercut the pricey televisions rocking the same technology due soon from Samsung and LG. Both LG and Samsung have 55-inch OLED TVs waiting in the wings since CES 2012, expected to retail at around the £5,000 mark.

Despite being the first company to show off an OLED TV (an 11-inch offering back at CES 2008), continued losses from Sony’s Bravia TV arm mean that the firm are in a dire financial position, and would have the means for a far greater stab at the new OLED Tv amrket if a partner came onboard.

LG and Samsung may have the head-start here, but a partnership between Sony and Panasonic could offer consumers cost-cutting sets to turn heads.

Via: Bloomberg

Gerald Lynch
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