APP OF THE DAY: Diablo III Handbook guide and tips (Android)

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diablo-3-android-app-1.jpgAfter a 12 year wait, Diablo III finally touches down on PCs today! If you’re one of the many gamers phoning in a sickie at work today in order to play it, you’re probably well away, dungeon crawling through the long-awaited hack and slash adventure.

And you probably need a little help too! Unofficial guides are springing up left right and centre, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive, free offering, Android owners should check out the Diablo III Handbook from Ambitious Beavers.

Full of tips to get you started, item info, class guides and a bestiary, there’s plenty to get stuck into while taking on the hordes of hell. The developers list the key points of the app as:

– class overviews (Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard)
– active and passive skills
– skill calculator (save, load, and share your builds!)
– items (Armor, Weapons, Other)
– artisans (Blacksmith, Jeweler)
– followers (Enchantress, Scoundrel, Templar)
– world (Acts, Bestiary, Environments, Lore, Systems)

Being an unofficial offering, it’s still very much a work in progress as the game’s servers go live today. But it’s already well stocked with useful information and handy tools like a skill calculator, as well as the promise of continued updates as more of the massive game’s secrets are revealed.

To grab the free guide, click here. You must have an Android phone running version 2.1 of the OS or above in order to use the app, but that’s pretty much all decent Android phones at this point.

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