Snuggle with sound with the DFS iPod Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa

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dfs-ipod-sofa.jpgDFS are looking to kill two (love)birds with one stone with the Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa , giving your gluteus maximus a well-earned rest while also soothing your ears with a built in set of speakers, subwoofer and an iPod dock.

Picture the scene; snuggling up with your loved one, a bottle of red wine or two finished, and then this starts coming out of the bloody chair:

That, my friends, is slick.

If iPods aren’t your sort of thing, the sofa also supports playback through a USB port, auxiliary port, SD card slot and wirelessly over Bluetooth.

If you’re thinking of grabbing one of the sofas, now’s probably the best time to do so. DFS have slashed the price in half from £1398 to £699 from now until 2nd July 2012.

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Gerald Lynch
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