Skyrim Kinect launches today: Full list of voice commands here!

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skyrim-kinect.jpgThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s highly-anticipated Kinect voice control support hits the Xbox 360 today! FUS RO DAH!

Picking up the player’s spoken commands, Kinect support lets you browse menus, control followers and equip items just by speaking one of 200 triggers. And, of course, you can shout Dragon shout powers at your TV; you’ll look like a mug, but secretly feel like the world’s most powerful armchair monster slayer.

Those looking to try the commands in other languages will have to wait a little longer; the French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions are all in final testing and should be available in the next few weeks, according to Bethesda.

To grab the full list of over 200 voice commands in a handy PDF format, click here.

Already a massive game, Bethesda’s on-going support for Skyrim shows there are still a few more days play to be eked out of the giant RPG.

Gerald Lynch
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