Olympic diving hopeful Tom Daley gets his own iOS gaming app

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olympic-tom-daley-ios-game.jpgTeam GB Olympic diving hopeful Tom Daley has put his name to a nifty new iPhone/iPad game called Tom Daley Dive 2012.

A little like a swan-diving take on PaRappa the Rapper, you’re tasked with racking up straight ten scores from the judges, using gesture controls to pivot and turn in mid-air before slipping into the pool below without a splash.

Or at least that’s the plan; timing is key, and as anyone who has seen Tech Digest dance would know, it’s something that we lack. We had our digital Daley (who worked closely with developers Chelsea Apps Factory during the game’s creation) belly flopping painfully before we got a hang of things. It’s an addictive little system though, and we soon had Daley cutting through the water like a knife through jelly.

“Apps are one of the best things about having a phone, and I jumped at the chance to create my own,” said Daley.

“There are no good diving games out there and I love how this game has turned out: it looks great and feels very realistic – although I’m a bit nervous my own score won’t make the online leader-board! If the game helps raise awareness of diving and gets people excited about the Olympics this year, I’ll be really pleased.”

To grab the app for iPhone and iPads, click here. It’s free, with additional dives available as in-app purchases for £0.69p.

Gerald Lynch
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