Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor adds a touch of Tamagotchi fun to caring for your Triffids

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koubachi.jpgI’m about as plan-friendly as a Fern Gully logging company; put some of the green stuff in my flat and be prepared to watch it die a slow, painful death. It’s not wilful negligence, I just have a tendency to prioritise feeding and watering myself over our petal-powered pals.

If like me you need a prod or too to keep your potted pretties in tip-top shape, take a look at the Koubachi. Looking a little bit like the head of a golf club, it snuggles up alongside your plants and delivers real-time information up to the cloud and back down to an iPhone app. You’ll get stats such as light intensity, temperature and soil moisture, as well as alerts as to when you should be giving your plant some TLC.

“The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is the first device ever that enables real-time monitoring of a plant’s vitality,” said Philipp Bolliger, CEO and inventor of Koubachi.

“It’s been very well received by the users and press since launch at CeBIT 2012 and we are happy to deliver the first pre-ordered units to our customers. With production fully lined up, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is now available across Europe.”

Just in time for the Chelsea Flower Show too, though I doubt Titchmarsh and co. will need any help from one of these. A bit pricey at £99, but a must have for flora and fauna lovers lacking a green finger.

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Gerald Lynch
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