Leap Motion launches 3D motion control device 200x as sensitive as Kinect

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Leap Motion have launched what they claim to be the “world’s most accurate” 3D motion control device, 200 times more sensitive than the Xbox 360’s Kinect controller.

Priced cheaply at $69.99 (around £44), the small 4-inch camera plugs into a USB socket on your PC and can track even tiny finger movements within its line of sight.

Accurate to 1/100th of a millimetre and shipping this winter, the Leap Motion team hope the camera will spark a greater interest in motion controlled PC interfaces, with possible applications in both the medial and gaming markets. The tracking technology is also versatile enough to one day be used in tablets, smartphones and television sets.

“One day 3-D motion control will be in just about every device we interact with, and thanks to the Leap, that day is coming sooner than anyone expected,” says CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald.

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Gerald Lynch
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