Facebook tries and fails to own the words face and book

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Facebook has lost its most recent legal battle to shut down adult site Faceporn, so will the social network accept the fact other companies will capitalise on its success forever or continue its offensive to get rid of them all?

Another day and another Facebook legal battle is raging as the social network continues its mission to eradicate the words face and book from the internet completely.

The most recent case involves Faceporn, a Norwegian porn site. Facebook filed a case back in 2010 against the adult network and requested full ownership of the domain name.

However, the social network has so far been unsuccessful, because according to Venture Beat, the Judge said that Facebook “has failed to show that defendants, both residents of Norway, purposefully directed their conduct at California.”

Facebook has behaves like this many times before, as it seems the social network doesn’t take too kindly to sites that sound a bit like it AT ALL, such as Teachbook and Lamebook.

There’s no doubt a lot of the companies in question have been created to capitalise on Facebook’s success, but at the same time the social network can’t expect to own the words face and book forever, can it?

[Via Shiny Shiny Via Venture Beat]
Becca Caddy
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