VIDEO: New Prometheus viral trailer confirms androids will be our creepy overlords in the future

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Man, I haven’t been any more excited for a film since we were all duped into seeing the Phantom Menace. But, as one YouTube commenter says of the latest spoiler-free viral clip for this summer’s sci-fi epic Prometheus, “RIDLEY SCOTT, YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT”.

And we can’t help ourselves but agree. In this latest teaser clip, we’re introduced to David, a hyper-real android who’s pretty much superior intellectually to humans in every way. Played by Michael Fassbender, he is creepily walking the tightrope across the Uncanny Valley.

Director Ridley Scott’s first ever 3D outing, and a return to the influential sci-fi universe that he first brought to the silver screen in 1979 with Alien, it’s very much looking like this year’s must-see movie.

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Gerald Lynch
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