Samsung Galaxy S3 specs revealed by leaked manual

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samsung-galaxy-s3-specs-sheet-leak.jpgA leaked image has hit the web, claiming to be taken from the instructional manual for Samsung’s Galaxy S3 handset and showing off the handsets technical specifications. Take a look at the picture above to see what’s rumoured to be launching come Samsung’s big reveal on May 3rd.

Most of it does sound believable. Ice Cream Sandwich will almost certainly be the operating system of choice, and we’d expect to see 1080p recording paired with a 1080p display in a flagship phone from Samsung in 2012. The 4.8-inch Super AMOLED MIPI (C-Type) would fit the bill nicely.

Even the the “1.5GHz quad core CPU” is partially accurate; though Samsung have already revaled that Exynos 4 Quad processor will be powering the show, they’ve also stated that the chip has “performance capabilities exceeding 1.4GHz”. 1.5GHz indeed exceeds 1.4GHz!

There are a few conflicting elements here and there (so far we’ve been told to expect a 12MP sensor, not the eight-megapixel snapper with auto-focus and LED flash listed here). But on the whole we expect these specs to be very close to the mark, if not the final list of details.

Either way there’s not long to wait now. Tech Digest will be hands-on at the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch on May 3rd, firing off all the precise, accurate details on the handset on the night.

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