iPhone sales make more money for Nokia than Lumia does

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nokia-lumia-800-vs-iphone-4s.jpgIt seems it’s not only Apple reaping in the big bucks from their iPhone range! Nokia make more money from licensing patents to Apple for use in their iPhone smartphones than the Finnish company does selling its own Lumia products!

Revealing financial statistics for their last quarter, it’s believed that Nokia raked in around £370 million ($600 million) in royalties from Apple.

The figures from their own products make for less positive reading, with Nokia making a loss on mobile devices despite launching new models like the Lumia 900. The Windows Phone gamble, which has also seen the release of the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, hasn’t quite paid off yet.

There’s still time for Nokia to turn things around though. The recent release of the Lumia 900 has proved positive, garnering strong reviews and plenty of interest stateside. With a budget-orientated Lumia 610 model on the way and the imminent release of the Windows Phone 8 Apollo update, there’s hope on the horizon for Stephen Elop and co.

If not, at least they’ve got the certain-to-be-massive sales of the iPhone 5 to look forward to, eh?

Via: Apple Insider

Gerald Lynch
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