Samsung Galaxy S 3 launch invite pops-up, looks fishy

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samsung-galaxy-s-iii-fake-invite.jpgA new leak purporting to be an invite to the launch of the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S 3 has appeared online. And, in our opinion, it seems more than a little bit fishy.

Apparently an invite sent to the press (though we’ve not heard of any journalist who had received the invite through official channels), it shows a curvy, chrome handset, a May 22nd event date and lists the location as being London, United Kingdom.

While the date is as good a guess as anyone’s, pretty much everything else about the invite feels off.

Firstly, the phone itself seems to be completely at odds with what we’d expect to see with its silvery finish and curved design. More importantly, Samsung have a tendency not to reveal a handset before their grand unveiling, so why would they show it off early here?

While the lettering seems to use a Samsung-accurate font (though there are a few too many different ones in play for it to be the work of a top-tier designer) the strap-line seems suspicious too; it’s just a re-jigging of the Galaxy S 2’s line, turning Vivid, Fast, Slim around to Fast, Vivid, Slim. There’s also no mention of Samsung Unpacked, the traditional event launch pad for Samsung’s major products.

Lastly, the location. London, United Kingdom? London as the capital of England, yes, but it’s inaccurate to put London as the capital of the entire UK. Samsung have whole teams to iron out localisation issues like this; fakers do not.

We’re filing this one therefore in the “Fakes” drawer for the S 3, and we expect to see many more before Samsung officially reveal their own.

Gerald Lynch
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