Jay-Z launches Empire Facebook game

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Hip hop mogul, fashion designer and Mr Beyonce himself, Jay-Z, can now add another title to his lengthy list of roles: Facebook game developer.

Or at least Facebook game contributor. Jay-Z has launched his own branded Facebook game, Empire, based upon his own life.

“Make the right choices and the World belongs to you. LIVE THE DREAM,” reads the game’s tagline.

Empire lets you “go from hustler, to entrepreneur, to business mogul” from the comfort of your browser, sharing your achievements with pals on Facebook.

You’ll get to do a fair few different tasks for a Facebook game, including taking part in rap battles, recording a mix tape and even visiting your dear old mum.

Play well and you can leave the ghetto lifestyle behind you, branching out your empire into the snazzy expanses of Manhattan.

Future updates are to include a “Give Your Baby A Dumb Name” mini-game. Just kidding!

Gerald Lynch
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