AR DIY: Aurasma bring augmented reality features to instruction manuals

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Polycell-App.jpgI had the displeasure over the weekend of putting together a bookcase. Between my lack of tactile finesse and an instruction booklet that looked as though it was drawn up by a high four year old, it wasn’t the most enjoyable of experiences.

But such stress may soon become a thing of the past, if a new app partnership between augmented reality experts Aurasma and do-it-yourself brand Polycell is anything to go by.

They’ve put together an app that offers interactive guides and expert advice to give consumers the confidence to complete the most simple DIY jobs, accessed simply by hovering an iPad, iPhone or Android device over key areas of their instructional leaflets or product offering hand-holding videos and FAQ clips.

“We’re delighted to be the first DIY brand to offer the innovative Aurasma technology to our customers which literally shows them how to use the product,” said Polycell Senior Brand Manager, Samantha Balloch.

“The app is free and easy to use so we’re hoping this will give consumers confidence and encourage more people to do DIY for themselves and find out how easy it is to do a great job with the right product.”

Aurasma Managing Director, Martina King, says: “Bulky instruction manuals often put people off the job in hand, but by integrating Aurasma’s cutting-edge technology into Polycell products, shoppers will be able to watch simple how-to videos and do the job hassle-free. The partnership is a perfect match and we’re thrilled to be working with such an iconic brand.”

The Polycell app can be downloaded now for free from the Apple App Store and at Google Play.

Gerald Lynch
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