VIDEO: New iPad 3 gets early unboxing in Vietnam

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We’re just days away from the launch of the new iPad (3), but if you just cant wait to see your shiny new Apple tablet freed from the constraints of its packaging, watch as it spreads its wings in this video.

In Vietnamese…

So, the large majority of the Tech Digest readership won’t understand what the guy in the video from the blog is going on about, but some tech talk is universal. Specifically, specs. Specifically.

So, the video reveals a few interesting tidbits then, such as 1 GB of RAM memory (up from 512 MB in the iPad 2), and a clock speed for the A5X processor of 1GHz, which is a match for the iPad 2’s A5 CPU. Despite being quad-core, GeekBench benchmarking tests for the new chip give it a score of 756, up only slightly from the 721 score of the iPad 2’s A5 chip, suggesting it’s not quite the jump that Apple claim (or at least that the benchmark test didn’t really push those extra cores).

The new iPad hits stores this Friday, so not long till you get to finger the iPad 3rd gen packaging for yourself. Exciting stuff.

Gerald Lynch
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