Tech Illiteracy: 1 in 10 don't know how to text

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phone-squash.jpgApp, smartphone, CPU, GPU and “the cloud”; all terms us tech heads understand well enough to pick as a Mastermind specialist subject. But despite the ever-growing prevalence of and reliance upon technology in society today, more and more people are being left behind when it comes to tech literacy, with the knowledge gap widening every day.

Highlighting the worrying trend are gadget experts the Geek Squad, who’ve revealed their research into the subject.

Among other findings, they’ve noted that 10% of Brits don’t know how to send a text message, 20% don’t know how to download an app and that the most confusing tech jargon of all includes ‘iCloud’ and ‘retweet’, leaving 30% and 28% of their research subjects languishing in tech hell.

Most worryingly of all, almost a quarter (24%) of those surveyed confessed that they didn’t know how to set up a pin or password, meaning they’d be at risk of having their personal files and sensitive data accessed by dangerous third parties.

“While sending a text message is second nature to many of us, there are still some who have fallen behind the digital revolution,” said the Geek Squad’s Sam Lawton.

“The gap is continually growing between the technology enthusiasts who are up to speed with the latest technology and all its functions, compared with those who impulse buy the latest technology, but struggle to understand the basic tech functions.

“You’d be surprised at the number of people who walk through our door on a daily basis with the latest phone or tablet seeking advice on how to send a text, download an app or even set up their voicemail.”

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