OLED Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet looks like a 2001 prop

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“Girls Gadgets”.

It’s a phrase that normally brings to mind images of pink PC mice and Hello Kitty USB sticks. And as a result, has more or less fallen out of vogue in tech circles.

Which in regards to the Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display from Chinavision is actually a bit of a shame; it shows that when a “girls” gadget is designed with functionality and style in mind rather than focus groups on the pros and cons of bunnies, cats and unicorns, you can get some pretty ace results.

Looking like a prop out of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey , the black and white band features an OLED screen that hooks up with a user’s smartphone to provide info such as Caller ID, vibrating when a call comes in and housing a button to reject screened calls.

Perhaps the most nifty feature though is the one that sets the bracelet to vibrate should you stray more than 20 metres away from the paired phone, meaning you’ve no excuse to leave home without your blower.

Priced £17.53 (and with options for wholesalers to bulk buy) you can grab the Bluetooth bracelet here.

Via: Pocket Lint

Gerald Lynch
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