New iPad 3 is HOT! (5.3 degrees Celsius hotter than iPad 2, to be precise)

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ipad_flames.jpgApple’s new iPad 3 is hot! And we’re not just talking about its superb Retina Display and image editing capabilities; it’s physically toasty too!

Testing the new tablet alongside its iPad 2 predecessor, Dutch website took thermal images of the two Apple tablets with an infra-red camera, which revealed interesting results.

While the iPad 2 hit a maximum of 28.3-degrees Celsius, the new iPad reached a temperature of 33.6-degrees Celsius, up 5.3-degrees on the older model. In Fahrenheit terms, that’s 92.5-degrees for the new iPad, and the iPad 2 hitting 82.9-degrees, a difference of less than 10 degrees.

Tested after just 5 minutes of use, and without direct sunlight adding to the strain, it’s a fair increase for the Apple slate. Of course, Apple have safety measures built into the tablet that switches the device off when it hits a certain temperature, but palms may get a little sweatier with this slate than Apple’s previous offerings. Best get a waterproof, slick-resistant cover, eh?

Gerald Lynch
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