3DTV's rep being damaged by glasses-free, real-time conversion tech believe Fox

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panasonic_3dtv_2.jpgIt’s an acquired taste for many, but the magic of 3DTV may be being spoilt before consumers can try it in its optimal state, according to a key executive from Twentieth Century Fox.

Speaking at the PEVE conference in London, Danny Kaye, executive vice president, Global Research and Technology Strategy at Fox, said that while his team believe 3D will still grow to be a thriving format, those who have experienced poor quality glasses-free 3D and real-time 2D-to-3D conversion will be turned off.

“As long as a film is made in high-quality, you may never tell the difference between a true 3D movie and a post-converted one,” said Kaye.

“But, what is harming the idea of 3D [for consumers] is real-time conversion. Whether it is 2D to 3D conversion in real time on a TV set or versions of no-glasses 3D TVs… we do not need [these technologies] yet as they cannot match the quality of professional conversion services or the filmmaker shooting it in 3D to begin with.”

Kaye also suggested that unless studios and manufacturers push to show 3D content shining at its best, it could damage the uptake of the technology

“3D is a very complicated technology to get right, it’s not so hard to get wrong. We shouldn’t stunt the growth of 3D at this early stage by introducing techniques that do not show off 3D in the best light.”

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Gerald Lynch
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