Possible Skyrim DLC revealed in DICE "Game Jam" video: Fat giants! Giant mudcrabs! Dragon mounts!

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Todd Howard, head of Skyrim development studio Bethesda Game Studios, took to the stage to deliver his keynote at the DICE 2012 gaming conference.

As well as detailing the development process of one of 2011’s game’s of the year, Howard also revealed Bethesda’s post-release “Gam Jam” week for Skyrim, which saw all the game’s designers go crazy for a week and work on their own personal projects that they would like to have seen in the game.

Collected into a short video by Bethesda, Howard showed off the results at the DICE conference. It was basically a sneek peak at possible DLC headed to the Elder Scrolls V in the future.

Some really wacky ideas were produced, including:

• Seasonal foliage with falling tree leaves.
• Spears.
• Kill cams for magic and ranged combat, like in Fallout 3.
• Stealth enhancements such as water arrows.
• Paralysis runes locking enemies to the floor.
• New follower commands for combat style and training.
• The ability to build your own home.
• Goblins. Which looked great.
• Waygate fast travel.
• Mounted combat.
Dragon mounted combat.
• Kinect-enabled shouts.
• Enhanced underwater visuals with wavy effects.
• Ice and fire arrows.
• A Werebear.
• Lycanthropy skill tree.
• Becoming a flying vampire, with minions..
• An enormous, screen filling mud crab boss.
• “Fat giants.”

The whole keynote, courtesy of Gamespot, can be found above.

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