George Lucas thinks 3D is as good as the jump from black and white to colour

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George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, has been singing the praises of 3D technology as his first 3D effort, a 3D re-mastering of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, hits cinemas.

Lucas is gushing in his praise, comparing the jump to 3D to that of the transition from black and white to colour.

“We’re going through a new technological revolution that is set to change everything,” Lucas told Shortlist magazine.

“Watching a movie in 3D is simply a better way to watch a movie. It’s like black and white versus colour. Watching a movie in black and white is fine, however, colour makes it look more real.

“With 3D the depth brings reality to the digital characters and you notice things in the background that actually impact on the story. It becomes a truly immersive and overpowering experience.”

Of course, with The Phantom Menace now hitting cinemas (and the possibility of the superior trilogy getting a 3D makeover dependant upon the success of this first re-release) Lucas has a vested interest in hyping the benefits of 3D.

But it’s still quite a bold step to say that the 2D format with which he made his fortunes is now inferior to the regularly derided 3D one. Say what you like about George Lucas’s penchant for tinkering, but he has the balls to do and say stuff that will certainly irk the majority of his series fans, and couldn’t give a damn whilst doing so!

Gerald Lynch
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