HTC brace for losses ahead of next-gen handset launches

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HTC-sensation-xl-large.jpgHTC have announced that they are preparing for a drop in revenues in the run up to the launch of their 2012 range of smartphones.

HTC is expecting to see revenues fall by as much as 36% in Q1 of 2012, during a period of “product transition” as prospective customers hold out for the HTC handsets set to be revealed at MWC 2012.

“Despite short-term difficulties, momentum will resume in the upcoming product cycle driven by HTC’s brand strength, innovation, and design/engineering capabilities,” said HTC in a press statement.

However, that slow in sales could be financially significantly damaging; losses of around £1.4 billion could be incurred while HTC rush to push out their next wave of devices.

HTC have announced that this years’ range will focus on the quality of a smaller number of core devices than last years wide range of smartphones. The dual-core Ville and quad-core Edge are expected to be the stars of their Android showcase at MWC 2012 this month.

Via: Tech Crunch

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