Pixar's Cars 2 digital camera racing off Asda shelves at just £14

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cars-2-camera.jpgAsda are selling what they claim is Britain’s cheapest digital camera for the pocket-money sum of just £14 as part of their January sales.

However, unless you’re 4 years old, or the world’s biggest adult Pixar fan, you may want to think it over before instantly whacking out your credit card; it’s aimed squarely at kids with it’s Cars 2 movie branding, and has specs to match.

Taking very basic VGA 640 x 480 resolution shots, the camera has 8MB of internal memory, good for 319 photos. The camera also doubles up as a webcam, and comes with software making it compatible with PCs running Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

There’s also one with “Disney Princesses” branding, if talking cars aren’t you kid’s favourites.

“This is the perfect starter camera for any future David Bailey. At this price they’re sure to get snapped up quickly,” said Hayley Whittaker, the camera accessories buyer for Asda.

Click here to pick up the snapper.

Gerald Lynch
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