Nintendo Wii U to feature tablet-like app store?

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wii-u-controller.jpgThe Wii U, Nintendo’s forthcoming wacky games console that features a giant tablet-like controller, may come packing an app store similar to those currently found in smartphone and tablet devices.

According to the a “person familiar with the matter” (vague, we know) speaking to The Daily, Nintendo has plans “to implement a full-blown app store for the system.”

Both the Wii and 3DS have already got basic app store offerings in the form of the DSi and Wii Shop channels, but (particularly in the case of the Wii Shop portal) have been criticised for only offering expensive, lacklustre content, and not regularly updating the wares on sale.

This new rumour suggests that Nintendo will be going for an approach somewhere between the current Xbox Live and PlayStation Network offerings on the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively, as well as offering the volume and ease of use of Apple’s App Store.

Certainly, the form factor of the new console is well suited to apps. With a 6.2 inch touchscreen on the controller itself, it’s easy to imagine web browsing, email checking and social network support among other features being potentially offered.

Gerald Lynch
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